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Pier Giorgio De Pinto has been selected for Regionale 17 and will show the project Polyhedra. The extended sculptures at Haus der elektronischen Künste in Basel (CH) for the group show

Die zweite Natur
Artistic reflections on nature in the digital age


Jonas Baumann, Pier Giorgio De Pinto, Philipp Gasser, Susanna Hertrich, Stefan Karrer, Thomas Lasbouygues, LAYTBEUIS, Philippe Lepeut, Philipp Madörin, Tim Otto Roth, Lingjie Wang & Jingfang Hao

Opening: 26.11.2016, 17:00

Regionale – a trans-regional art festival – 27/11/201608/01/2017 

From approximately 600 dossiers centrally submitted 19 partner institutions can – as every year – select and invite artists from the region to take part in Regionale. It is in their role to make a representative selection of artists from France, Germany and Switzerland.
The annual Regionale exhibition is an attractive platform for a variety of artists and art institutions on the Upper Rhine. It intends to act as a mirror for current happenings, the epitome of contradictions, the diversity, for the pleasurable and competitive coming-together of artists, event organisers and the public.

Here the list of all venues

\ Accélérateur de Particules, Aedaen, HEAR – La Chaufferie, Artothèque, Strasbourg, (F) \ Ausstellungsraumklingental, Basel (CH) \ Cargo Bar, Basel (CH) \ CEAAC, Strasbourg (F) \ E-Werk, Freiburg (D) \ Fabrikculture, Hégenheim (F) \ HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste, Münchenstein, Basel) (CH) \ Kunsthalle Basel (CH) \ Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal (CH) \ Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz (CH) \ Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg (D) \ Kunst Raum Riehen (CH) \ Kunstverein Freiburg (D) \ La Filature, Scène Nationale, Mulhouse (F) \ La Kunsthalle Mulhouse (F) \ Projektraum M54, Basel (CH) \ Städtische Galerie Stapflehus, Weil Am Rhein (D) \ Stimultania, Strasbourg (F) \ T66 Kulturwerk, Freiburg (D) \

Invitation card


The project ‘Blessings of the masses‘ is finally on line with a dedicated virtual exhibition on my experimental platform ‘Future is now’ here:
Please, use the powerful zoom to see each single detail!
You can literally dive into the hidden depths of each works!

#blessingsofthemasses #thx1138

Visit also the amazing ‘Future is now‘ project here:



Solo Exhibitions

2016 May – Creatures #4. Interactive installation at Keck-Kiosk, Basel (CH).

2016 April – How to heal our broken hearts. Performance and interactive installation at Cabaret Voltaire, Dada Zurich (CH).

2015 November – Fraught. Double solo show and long durational performance by Pier Giorgio De Pinto & Valter Luca Signorile. MACT/CACT Contemporary Art Ticino (CH). Curated by Mario Casanova. Critic texts/Reviews by Simona Squadrito and Erica Romano.


Group Exhibitions

2016 November – Regionale 17, a trans-regional art festival – Various venues in France, Germany and Switzerland.

2016 October – refresh01 – #LAYERS, Spazio Contemporanea Brescia, Italy. Curated by Fabio Paris, Produced by Link Art Center.

2016 October – Rifugi. Le Cabanon Art Space at University of Lausanne (UNIL) in collaboration with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Curated by Nicolò Latini.

2016 October – Come Closer – Experimenting with a Wunderkammer of Vanities. MACT/CACT (CH). Curated by Mario Casanova.

2016 September – Manifesta 11. The European Biennial of contemporary Art. Zurich (CH). Aa.Vv. Various venues. Performance at Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire, Zurich (CH).

2016 August – Transumarte. Castle of Malaspina Fieschi Doria, Santo Stefano D’Aveto (I). Curated by Ivano Sossella.

2016 June – C&F at laltalena, Julia Krahn Studio, Milan (I). Curated by Ivano Sossella and Massimo Kaufmann.

2016 June – Chaostrophy at Ludwig, Berlin. Curated by Ceven Knowles.

2016 April – Digitale Abstraktionen at Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel (CH). Curated by Alexandra Adler and Reinhard Storz (HGK Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst) and the platform

2015 December – ENDinNATION | BACK HOME by StudioDieci.  Museo Francesco Borgogna, Vercelli (I). Curated by Lorella Giudici.

2015 July – Le latitudini dell’arte II edition, Hungary and Italy. Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea. Palazzo Ducale, Sale del Munizioniere, Genoa (I). Curated by Virginia Monteverde. Critic text by Viana Conti.

2015 June – Giovanni Dal Monte. Visible music for unheard visions. Il Pomo da Damo. Contemporary Art, Imola (I). Curated by Luca Beatrice

2015 June – Come Closer. Le Manoir, Martigny (CH). Curateda by Susanna Gyulamiryan and Alina Mnatsakanian.

2015 January – Segrete. Tracce di memoria. Segrete. Trace of Memory. Allied artists for the Shoah. Palazzo Ducale, Genoa (I). Curated by Virginia Monteverde. Critic texts/Reviews by Viana Conti, Stefano Bigazzi, Bettina Bush.


Transmedia/Special Events-Festivals-Collaborations

2016 November – Helicotrema Recorded Audio Festival 2016. Palazzo Grassi, Venice (I).

2016 September Film program O[slo] N[ight] 2016 by Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel (CH). Event curated by Alexandra Adler in collaboration with Clea Wanner and Nicole Meier at HGK Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, studio Cinema, Basel (CH).

2016 July – Performance at ‘StrofeDipinteDiJazz Event‘ by Liberatorio d’arte Fulvio Zonch Ass., Laghetti di Romans d’Isonzo, Gorizia (I). Curated by Gianluca Doria, Sergio Pancaldi, Chiara Spizzamiglio.

2016 April – Talk & book presentation 6PM Your Local Time at MAXXI Museum, Rome during BNL Media Art Festival. Curated by Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age, Brescia (I).

2016 March – Fake3D. A tribute to DADA celebrating 100 years. De Pinto contribution to the project by Link Art Center. Event at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich (CH).

2015 December – La forme de l’âme. Amae/De Pinto contribution to the project by composer Nadir Vassena. LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Teatrostudio Lugano, Switzerland.

2015 November – Helicotrema Recorded Audio Festival 2015. Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana, François Pinault Foundation, Venice (I).

2015 October – Talk and book presentation 6PM Your Local Time at La Triennale di Milano. Curated by Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age , Brescia (I).

2015 September – AMAE/De Pinto 58 (+1) INDICES ON THE BODY. Index 42: the phases of the pomegranate. Live stream performance in collaboration with AMAE and Jean-Luc Nancy.

2015 July – Me and the Armenian genocide. Workshop with Edmond Habetian at  MAMY Modern Art Museum Yerevan. Armenia.

2015 July – Music Was My First Love. Performance and interactive audio visual installation for the event 6PM Your Local Time. Curated by Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age , Brescia (I). Castle of Brescia (I) and De Pinto’s studio (CH).


Art Residencies

2016 Guest artist at toll&kühn studio in Werkraum Warteck pp (Liste Art Fair Headquarter), Basel (CH).



2014 September  – 63 variations on the body project with AMAE Art Collective (UK) and the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy (FR). A call for composers to work on Nancy’s voice recordings.

2014 January – The philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy created two news indices (n. 60 and n. 61) based on the meeting he had with AMAE and De Pinto during the workshop in Freiburg, Germany. He wrote two more indices related to sex and gender (which was a missing topic on the first edition). The Birmingham University immediately offered to support the project with a possible publication by ARTicle Press with the aim to re-launch the original “58 indices sur le corps” plus the new 4 indices.

2013 December – 58(+1) Indices on the body project with AMAE Art Collective (UK) and the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy (FR). The philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy agreed to record himself reading the whole of the indices and offered exclusive copyright to Amae/De Pinto.The recording, a 45-minute session of slow reading, has been made in French which is Mr. Nancy’s native language and it will be used for further developments in 2014.

2012 September – co-curator with Mario Casanova for the show Subtle Psycho-Geographies: A Calvary for the Image. Felice Filippini & Jean Corty, Martin Disler, Otto Dix, Aurelio Gonzato, Hermann Hesse, Apollonio Pessina, Luigi Rossi, Louis Soutter, Varlin. MACT/CACT (CH).


Training & Workshops


Me and the Armenian genocide. Workshop with Edmond Habetian at  MAMY Modern Art Museum Yerevan. Armenia.

Workshop of Sumi-e, traditional Japanese Ink wash painting, with the Master Shozo Koike.. Nippon Project, Japan Matsuri, Switzerland.

C.O.R.E Strange Foreign Bodies. Workshop SOKA University, CA, USA.


Training with Lynsey Peisinger and Rebecca Davis for the performance “Centerpiece” by Marina Abramovic. Sommernachtsfest – Summer night’s Gala 2014, Fondation Beyeler, Basel-Riehen.

Training for Huddle with the choreographer Claire Filmon, performance by Simone Forti.
Le Mouvement 2014 – Performing the City, Biel/Bienne (CH)

C.O.R.E. Strange Foreign Bodies. Collaboration with Jean-Luc Nancy and AMAE Art Collective.
MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino (CH).

Workshop with the students of International Academy of Education. Armenian Open University, Department of Fine Arts. Yerevan, Armenia.


De Pinto partecipated in some workshops during the event Spuren in Freiburg. One workshop by Sarah Bechmann called Gewaltfreie Aktion. Körper und Bewegung (No violent action. Body and movement). One workshop by Alice Koubova called Dialogische Handlung (Dialogical action). One workshop by Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele called Verkörperung. Tanz. Therapie (Incarnation. Dance. Therapy). One workshop by Graham Smith called Finding your solo voice.


Publications, Bibliography, Critic Texts, Interviews, Archives (selection)

2016 December – Interview by Igor Nastic for

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2014 June – Exhibition catalogue The Voice and the Lens. Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK. Catalogue.

2014 May – Article The time-specific era. A rare case of video art distributor in Italy: Visualcontainer. MyTemplart Magazine.

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2013 November – Magazine Segno n.246, Italian Art Magazine. The solitary Body. October-November 2013.

2013 June – Interview by Froxeanne for Interferenz: The Frozen Autumn & Calembour Records Radio Show on (I)

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2012 September Book CACTyou! Fanzine # Zero Persona. CACT Publications, (CH) of November 2010. The publication is now in the Network of Libraries and Information Centers in Switzerland (NEBIS) and preserved in the Swiss National Library.