Cartografia sensibile. Artist residency at CARS, Omegna. Italy

“Cartografia sensibile” project is a sentimental, artistic investigation of the poetics of the Italian territory of “VCO – Verbano Cusio Ossola “, a fluid project that aims to gather in the course of a three-year period 2017/18/19, a “sentimental relief” of the geographic-naturalistic-anthropological-cultural area of the extended territory of the VCO through the definition of a “Sensitive Cartography”, freely prepared by a variable number of Italian contemporary artists.
Cartography is the set of scientific, technical and artistic knowledge aimed at a representation of the symbolic but truthful geographical information – or statistics, demographic, economic, political,
culture of a given place, its study through the definition and vision of images and archiving the collected information.

De Pinto’s temporary residency in Omegna
De Pinto visited the Strona Valley and the coasts of Lake Orta. He identified and focused his research on the northern shore of Lake Orta; Omegna and surrounding areas as a starting point.
Omegna is an Italian town of 15’541 inhabitants in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and is the main center of Cusio, an area located at the extreme northern outskirts of Lake Orta.
Starting from Omegna as a place belonging to the mountain community Due Laghi, Cusio Mottarone and Val Strona, De Pinto moved towards ten stages / basic itineraries within a stay on July 2018.

An affective cartography
A sentimental journey in solitary but with continuous contacts with people who live in those lands. A sort of affective cartography of places and people.
A narration between past and present realized through the interpretative tools that De Pinto normally use as impromptu watercolors, on paper and digital drawings, photographs, printed texts and maps, use of 3D objects, augmented reality, qr codes.
To give back a symbolic but truthful tale, using gateway such as sacred geometry, the study of energy sources and of the specific Genius Loci of a particular area.
A collection of material that can be made accessible to the public in the form of a documentary installation, as a total work of art, but also through the publication that will  be produced at the end of a three-year period and which will contain, as mentioned in the announcement, the different materials produced by the involved artists.
De Pinto’s research, and the consequent final visual and tangible documentation, will privilege those subjective elements typical of the relationship between man and territory; the artist will use social sciences and forms of communication such as literature and history; above all looking at the cultural expressions in the regional context and taking into account the axiom yesterday-today-tomorrow.

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