Contribution to the project Everything I know

At the end of December began the adventure of Mariagrazia Pontorno for her project Everything I Know (Volume 2).
A Project curated by and developed with Elena Giulia Abbiatici and Silvana Vassallo, with the kind assistance of Ines Musumeci Greco. Boarding crew – project development: Rosa Ciacci.
In partnership with Brasilian Embassy in Rome, Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome, Kunsthistorisches Museum of Wien, Botanical Garden of Pisa, Galleria Passaggi.I have been invited to collaborate on this project with a contribution I named

Influenze tecnico scientifiche dell’uomo sugli elementi naturali prodotti dalla Natura.
(Man’s scientific and technical influences on the natural elements produced by Nature).For more information on Mariagrazia Pontorno’s project:


image: ​Mariagrazia Pontorno, 2014, A Samambaia dos Mares #2, lightbox, 30x40x10 cm, courtesy Galleria Passaggi, the artist.